Bipolar Disorder

This in-patient Phase Iib study evaluated an investigational anticonvulsant drug to see if it could control mania episodes in patients with bipolar disorder.

Enrollment: 520 patients required at 44 U.S. sites.

Challenges: Patients from site databases overwhelmingly declined the opportunity, citing the challenges of 28 day in-patient treatment; sites had limited or no resources to reach out to the community for referrals.

Strategy: HCG mounted a 100% field-based, grassroots outreach program that touched 90% of sites. Our team canvassed state hospitals, board and care facilities, group homes, drop-in centers and community organizations nationwide. HCG outreach specialists pre-screened patients directly in the field.

Results: HCG drastically increased the rate of enrollment to meet the original 16-month deadline in 10 months of active recruitment. HCG efforts accounted for 502 patients.


Integrated Materials Build Awareness
Grassroots Efforts Expand Databases
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